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FIRST PRIZE : Multimedia
Georgina Cranston, Duckrabbit

Be Myself

Warning. You may find the content of this film upsetting.

'Over eight months, between 2011 and 2012, I documented the lives of homeless women in London.

I spent time in hostels, joined outreach teams, met rough sleepers, as well as the 'hidden homeless'. During that time I came to understand that for many women homelessness is a symptom of far deeper problems; of lives shattered in childhood through abuse and neglect.

Few women who have experienced such traumatic childhoods are ready or even want to tell their stories. It’s too personal, too painful.

Lucy was different. She had started the difficult process of confronting her past in a brave attempt to build a future.

Be Myself is not easy to watch, but it does offer hope. Lucy's honesty sheds light on issues that too often and for too long have been ignored.'

Georgina Cranston (photographer and producer)

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